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There are really only two reasons to make any change in your business. It either increases revenue or lowers your costs. Our schedule has repeatedly done both.

The very first time our schedule was installed, the FBO saw a documented 33% increase in rental hours over the previous year. An increase that has been sustained.

Your mileage may vary, but you should see a marked increase in rental hours and customer satisfaction.

We highly recommend that you have a complete web site detailing all of your services, including your flight shedule. Using your website, student or pilot, should be able to get the answers to all of the questions you are currently answering over the phone. When a full web presence has been developed, we have seen a drop in phone calls by as much as 75% with a marked increase in your customer satisfaction.

Let us make the Internet work for you.

What our users are saying

kids Just a quick note to tell you about what happened at Aero-tech last week:

In Lexington we are in the middle of our Kids Summer Flight Camp. We usually fly about 300 kids in 6 weeks.

Simultaneously, in Louisville we started Flight Camp this summer for the first time � 45 kids.

Normally the flight camp director can access our on-line schedule to schedule these flights.

Everything has been running smoothly until the remnants of Dennis bought us days of poor flying weather.

Suddenly on Thursday we had a backlog of flights that had been postponed earlier in the week in LEX. And a window of time of good weather to get them done in. No problem, do a quick maintenance move on 2 aircraft and CFIs from LOU to come to LEX to help out. We flew throughout the daylight hours. Now mind you, all we had to do at the airport was keep straight which planes and pilots were in which city � the flight camp director was at home keeping straight the which-kid was in which plane itinerary and communicating with parents via telephone to get the kids to the airport. 10 airplanes flying simultaneously in flight camps.

Then on Friday, we moved 2 planes and pilots to LOU to get them caught up over there. Same hair-raising issue � different city.

We could not have done this without the online schedule system and the features it offers. Thanks for giving us the tools to make our customers happy.

Arlynn McMahon, Aero Tech Inc.

I used a paper schedule for over 20 years. I was aprehensive about moving it to the Internet. But after seeing what it has done for my business I don't ever want to be without it.

Dan Dodgen, Dodgen Aircraft

I'm a flight instructor. My students call me at home after hours and ask if we can fly on a certain date and time. The schedule is available 24/7 and I can find out quickly if a plane is available. If it is, I schedule it immediately. This is very convenient.

Larry Austin, CFII

What makes me excited to rent from my FBO is the flexibility to rent whenever I want. As a renter, I am not affected when the line staff can not reach the schedulle or during non-business hours. And actually, I fly more because of it.

Doug Kuhl, Private Pilot

It's clean and loads fast. It gives me the ability to do what I need to do without a lot of clutter. It's very user friendly. The site is especially helpful while at work. When its a nice day, I check the schedule to see what's available. I've been on the phone many times and the question of flying comes up. I can check the schedule while still on the phone and make a reservation. I love it!

Ken Apppleman, CFI

I love it. I work full time and it isn't always convenient to call the airport. With the web schedule I can get on anytime and view the availability for both planes and instructors. The site also has information on the ground school. It's like a talking telephone and if I can't find what I'm looking for, I just send an e-mail.

Vickie Heckman, Student Pilot by Kalamazoo Software, Inc

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