How AeroCalendar works with FBO Manager

  • Load and update user account information from FBO Manager
  • Load aircraft data from FBO Manager
  • Load aircraft maintenance data from FBO Manager
  • Dispatch aircraft through FBO Manager without leaving the schedule
  • Use the Inspection Projection Calculator
    You must be able to access AeroCalendar from a computer that is able to run FBO Manager
    The interface requires Internet Explorer

  How it Works:
    Note: User accounts are linked between the two systems with the Pilot Certificate field.
      Aircraft are linked between the two systems with the tail number.

    Enable the interface:

      Admin menu > General options > Interface tab
Enable the FBO Manager Interface and click Update

    Set the location of the FBO Manager Database:

      Admin menu > Locations
Choose your office location from the drop down menu
Enter the fully qualified path of the FBO Manager database and click Update

    Synchronize with FBO Manager:

      Admin menu > FBO Synch

This function will add pilots, instructors, and aircraft that exist in FBO Manager into AeroCalendar. If the record already exists in AeroCalendar it will be updated. When synchronizing aircraft maintenance information will also be imported into AeroCalendar.

Once the systems have been synchronized the Inspection Projection Calculator can be used. This is a report that will use maintenance information along with reservations on the schedule to predict the date that a maintenance event will happen. For example, you know that in 34.2 tach. hours an aircraft will need a 100 hour inspection. The Inspection Calculator will use this information along with the reservations on file and project a specific date.
    Make sure the user has dispatch access:

      Admin menu > User Types Choose the correct User Type from the drop down list. On the Admin tab enable dispatch and click Update.

      It takes four mouse clicks and you never leave AeroCalendar.

On the schedule click on the reservation you wish to dispatch. The quick menu will appear.

Click on Dispatch. The dispatch verify window will appear with the reservation detail.

Click on Dispatch. AeroCalendar will send the information on the pilot, instructor if there is one, and the aircraft to FBO Manager. FBO Manager will perform all necessary checks and report back (i.e, is the pilot's medical ok, is their BFR valid, has the aircraft had its 100 hour, etc.) You will get a message notifying you of the check results.

If you wish to proceed click the Dispatch button. FBO Manager will dispatch the aircraft and print the dispatch sheet. You will be returned to the schedule. by Kalamazoo Software, Inc.

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