AeroCalendar Features

We recognize that every company is different and has its own unique operational rules. It's likely that your company will not need or want all of these features. There may be other features that you need that are not included in this list. No problem. We customize the schedule to your needs. Just let us know.

AeroCalendar Configuration
  • AeroCalendar records every transaction; who did what and when. Administrators can research history in seconds
  • Add and maintain your list of aircraft online
  • Add an unlimited number of maintenance events for each aircraft. AeroCalendar will check them all at every dispatch
  • Set your hours of operation for the schedule
  • Set the number of hours a pilot can reserve an aircraft during a 24 hr period
  • Set the freeze period before a reservation. Once a reservation is frozen, the pilot cannot edit or delete it. This prevents pilots from deleting reservations with little or no notice. They must call you to have the reservation changed or deleted
  • Set the number of months ahead a pilot can schedule an aircraft
  • Set the number of months ahead an instructor can schedule themselves
  • Check Medical, BRF, and Insurance dates for pilots and instructors
  • Check the customer's account balance before dispatching an aircraft
  • Automatically send an e-mail notification to pilots that have not rented within the number of days that you set
  • Ability to deactivate pilots that have not rented within the number of days that you specify
  • Setup the schedule to run stand-alone, or as an integrated part of your website
  • Online Log Book for your pilots
  • The schedule adjusts to the time zone you're in
  • Upload photos of your Aircraft, Instructors, and Pilots
  • The schedule is printable
  • You set the hours and font size for the printed schedule
  • You set the schedule colors so they have meaning for you
  • Create your list of acceptable reasons for cancelling a reservation
  • Require users to give a reason for each cancellation

User Level Security
  • AeroCalendar allows you to setup schedule access based on rules that make sense to you. Although it comes pre-configured you can change it to grant just the right access levels to everyone that has an account. AeroCalendar currently has over 45 different ways to customize access. Here are a few:
  • De-activate a pilot's account without deleting it
  • Assign each pilot only the aircraft they are checked out in. The pilot cannot make a reservation for an aircraft you have not cleared them for
  • Notify pilots automatically via e-mail when their account status is changed
  • Instructors are automatically displayed on the schedule when you activate their account
  • Instructors can easily be hidden
  • Student pilots must include an instructor in their reservations
  • Student reservations are color coded on the schedule for easy recognition
  • Set the required rental frequency for students and solo students
  • Employees can make reservations and manage user accounts but not change schedule settings
  • Employees and administrators see all names in the schedule. Pilots will see their names on their reservations. All other reservations show as 'Reserved'
  • Instructors will see the names of all pilots they are scheduled to fly with
  • The schedule cannot be changed without first logging in

System Integration
  • Dispatch and recieve through Universal's FBO Manager, Total FBO, or Intuit Quickbooks
  • Generate invoices directly into QuickBooks
  • Export your schedule into ICS format. Compatible with Microsoft Outlook Calendars, Google Calendar, and others
  • System runs against Microsoft Access for simplicity, or against Microsoft SQL Server for performance and scalability

Other Features
  • Seperate calendars for every Aircraft and Instructor
  • Compatibale with all popular browsers
  • Dispatch aircraft and record tach, hobbs and instructor time with or without Universal's FBO Manager
  • Can be run as a stand-alone website or easily integrated into an existing one
  • Stand-by reservations are supported. New reservations that conflict with the schedule can be saved as stand-by. If an opening appears in the schedule, the stand-by reservation will become active and the pilot will be notified with an e-mail
  • Find opening feature locates a time when the pilot, instructor and an aircraft are avaialable
  • If a pilot forgets their password, they can have the system e-mail it to their addresses on file
  • New pilots can signup online. The administrator will be e-mailed letting them know that a new account has been created. Then you can activate the account and assign aircraft
  • E-mail all users with important announcements
  • Ability for administrators and employees to print the schedule for any day. This includes hours that are not displayed on the screen
  • Pilots can make reservations outside the normal hours of operation. They will be notified to contact the FBO to make special arrangements
  • Click-able cells in the schedule start the reservation process
  • Pop up calendar to pick start and end dates
  • History is kept so you can look at past reservations
  • Instructors can schedule themselves for days off, meetings, ground school, etc
  • Set the aircraft rental rates and have them displayed online
  • Post announcements that users can see when they visit the schedule
  • Integrated Event Calendar to notify your users of Ground Schools and other social events
  • Integrated Weight & Balance Calculator
  • Ability to schedule repeating reservations daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly
  • Display a picture of the aircraft along with its schedule
  • Students and Pilots have a "My Schedule" screen to view their reservations. It's printer friendly!
  • Display the schedule for just one aircraft or an instructor
  • Quick access to pilot and instructor contact information right from the schedule
  • Ability to move reservations quickly when an aircraft goes down for maintenance
  • Ability to download your account list as an Excel spreadsheet whenever you want. Useful in sending letters and other correspondence
  • Inspection Project Calculator uses aircraft times and scheduled reservations to project when maintenance dates will fall
  • Time report will tell you how many hours an aircraft has flown and hours an instructor has worked. Used for payroll. Download in Excel format
  • Cancellation report tells you who cancelled each flight, when they cancelled it, and why
  • Support for running schedules for more than one airport
  • Block times are supported. (Restricting reservation times to pre-set blocks i.e 8:00AM-10:00AM, 10:30AM-12:30PM, etc.) You set the block times
  • System runs against Microsoft Access for simplicity, or against Microsoft SQL Server for performance and scalability by Kalamazoo Software, Inc.

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