AeroCalendar Pricing

A note on pricing:

Choosing the right schedule is a big decision. Most people want to "kick the tires" first. We encourage this.

We offer to setup the full version of AeroCalendar for you, at no cost to you, for your testing and evaluation. We encourage you to use the program and ask questions for as long as you need until you are ready to decide. You pay nothing for AeroCalendar unitl you are sure it is right for your business.

AeroCalendar includes:
  • Custom artwork including your logo
  • Training and system walk through as we configure the software together for your needs
  • Unlimited number of aircraft, pilots, instructors and reservations
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Images of aircraft scanned, retouched, resized and included in the schedule
  • Hosting at Kalamazoo Software. (The schedule can be hosted with us and be seamlessly integrated into your web site)

AeroCalendar's base is $29 per month and an additional $9 per month for each aircraft and instructor with a maximum of $99 per month. Each additional location is $20 per month.

To say it another way, if you operate out of one location you can have unlimited students, pilots, instructors and aircraft and never pay more than $99 per month. Adding a second location with unlimited users and aircraft is just $119 per month.


The schedule is full featured and generally serves the needs of the FBO/Flight School right out of the box. However, some of our clients have found it useful to have their business rules incorporated into their schedule. Customization work is done on an hourly basis. by Kalamazoo Software, Inc

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