Make sure the user has dispatch access:

      Admin menu > User Types Choose the correct User Type from the drop down list. On the Admin tab enable dispatch and click Update.

      It takes four mouse clicks and you never leave AeroCalendar.

On the schedule click on the reservation you wish to dispatch. The quick menu will appear.

Click on Dispatch. The dispatch verify window will appear with the reservation detail.

Click on Dispatch. AeroCalendar will send the information on the pilot, instructor if there is one, and the aircraft to TotalFBO�. Once the information is in TotalFBO�, the program will create a pending dispatch record. The user can now go in to TotalFBO�, go to Operations>Dispatch>Dispatch Flights, and pull up the pending record.

No the user need only uncheck the Pending box, and then proceed as normal through the Dispatch Flight procedure.

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